Markus Ullmann


Having mastered open source technology as well as aircraft testing and industrial engineering, the next level is building modern "Industrie 4.0"-style applications and machines

Industrial electrics

Beiersdorf AG / 2000-2004
Apprenticeship to support industrial machines as well as developing with in-process controls from popular PLC providers.

Electrical Engineering

HAW Hamburg / 2005-2010
Supporting existing machines was not enough, so Dipl-Ing. (FH) in Electrical Engineering is the next level. Focus mainly on automation technology.

Retrofit Engineering

Hermes Schleifkörper GmbH / 2009
Re-designing hydraulic press electrical systems to be both fully-manual as well as fully-automatical. Object oriented development in PLCs.

Configuration Management

Airbus Operations GmbH / 2010-2011
Specifying configuration model management for next generation aircraft controllers as thesis for diploma. Also got into project management at larger scales.

Production work

Beiersdorf AG / '04
Getting into day to day production work from workers perspective, manufacturing aerosols. Done for half a year before moving on to university.

Electrical Testing

Hermes Schleifkörper GmbH / '06 - '09
During holidays from university testing work devices to be compliant with DIN VDE 0702 to meet regulatory standards.

Testsystem configuration

Altran GmbH & Co. KG / '11 - '14
Developed various test system configurations as engineer for various aircraft cabin systems. Invented new tools and processes.

Project management

Altran GmbH & Co. KG / '13 - '14
Leading team of engineers working on aircraft testing systems. Also get on the money and staff side of technology.

Technical coordination

Gentoo Linux / '06 - '12
Taking responibilities for maintaining packages for network analysis. Being part in technical council for more than a year, working on all kinds of international social aspects of technology.

Industrial maintenance

Hermes Schleifkörper GmbH / '15 -
Keeping an eye on machines used for production and developing machines for new opportunities. Leading internal maintenance crew and supervising external projects.
Visual Reports
Web technologies

Areas of interest

Being on a road to "Industrie 4.0", a lot of technology is involved. Main areas of matter to me below


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Contact Information

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